Platinum Employer: “A great place to work”

We really care about managing the development and careers of our people, enabling and encouraging them to do their best every day! That’s why we’ve recently introduced the Platinum Employer scheme.

The Platinum Employer scheme is an exciting new addition to our extensive portfolio of training and development programmes, helping our staff to benefit from the opportunity of a full-career journey from entry-level to store owner.

What are we trying to achieve with Platinum employer?
Platinum Employer is the key initiative to support Specsavers 2020 ambition of becoming ‘famous as a great place to work’. This is about building the employee brand which will encompass everything a store leader does to manage the life cycle of employees within their store.

This initiative aims to deliver tangible business results through investing time and effort in our people. It’s about demonstrating that we genuinely care about our people – they are intrinsic to our success as a business and we need to ensure that we look after them accordingly.

What is it?
The Platinum Employer initiative is an externally validated accreditation scheme which covers  5 key areas of people management standards:

    • Talent Management
    • Recruitment & Induction
    • Performance Management & Reward
    • Learning and Development
    • Employee Communications and Engagement

External credibility
In order for Platinum Employer to have credibility externally, it needed to be designed and validated with an independent third party, which is where Korn Ferry Hay Group come in. They are one of the largest global HR specialist consultancies and as well as being involved in validating the ongoing accreditation process, have also been instrumental in helping to design the standards which make up Platinum Employer.  This has helped to ensure that Specsavers businesses meeting these standards will provide a great experience for their employees.

Asked why is this scheme important?, Tim Edwards, Principal Consultant at KornFerry Hay Group says:  “This scheme seeks to achieve a number of things:

  • Improve employee engagement through leaders actively managing the development and careers of their people
  • Deliver enhanced commercial performance through enabling staff to be at their best, every day
  • Articulation of Specsavers employee value proposition and how this is differentiated to its competitors for the purpose of new recruitment and retention”

Why are we doing it? Well, see the quotes from some of our partners who have worked to achieve the Platinum Employer accreditation: 

I feel that my store is a good store to work in but I want to make it a “great” store to work in.  Platinum makes you sit down and reassess your business, and creates a level of excellence to aspire to.”  Julia Campbell, St Andrews

“We think we are pretty good employer, but wanted to get involved as have grown quite a lot recently and wanted to make sure we still have good processes in place. It gave us a chance to draw a line in the sand and say what we are doing – is it good enough – or could we do anything better. An example of this was our first day experience, before Platinum we had a loose plan, but now we have a more comprehensive approach, owned by our manager.” Jonathan Belcher, Stratford-Upon-Avon

“We are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver for our customers, so why not do it for our teams too.”  Emma Finn, Omagh

If you want to be part of a Platinum Employer team check out our latest career vacancies here



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